Get to know the Real(tor) Carleigh!

[Looking Back]

Carleigh was born and raised in West Vancouver and has always had a deep appreciation for the mountainous West Coast landscape. She has grown up exploring the great outdoors that surround Vancouver and her love for the Sea to Sky corridor grew stronger year over year. Carleigh’s career path started quite young, and she has had the honor of travelling worldwide with business, exposing her to learn, adapt, and succeed in her real estate and investment endeavors. Her first year in real estate began on the North Shore in Vancouver, where she was awarded ‘Rookie of the Year’ by her firm. Her ambition has always been to bring the highest level of service to the marketplace. This dream, paralleled with the professional and positive energy she brings to the industry has granted her the ability to be where she is today. She has a passion for people, their lifestyles and the communities her clients reside in, and she truly does want to make her mark in her clients lives.

[Looking Forward]

Carleigh’s previous work in the finance world not only gave her extensive knowledge in investments, but it also afforded her the ability to discover her true professional passions. After thinking long and hard about how to combine her love for people, investments and homes while still allowing her to use her creative brain, the answer became simple: Real Estate. She’s global minded, personable and passionate. She understands that real estate is one of the most imperative financial assets you can have and she is there to handle your needs with care, and work with you to make any transactions required as seamless as possible.

[Working Local]

It’s Carleigh’s hope, that by fostering new connections in the communities her clients reside in, and giving back to their local businesses and charities, she will encourage others to do the same. She wants to inform her vast network on trends and work collaboratively with other business minds to find ways to keep these communities the ones we all know and love to live in. She wants to work with local businesses, and support what’s most important to her: her clients, their lifestyles, and their families.

[My Bottom Line]

Carleigh wants to do good work with good people and help support strong investments and healthy lifestyles that embrace everything Sea to Sky. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, she looks forward to working with you!